• Do you work on new themes?

    Yes!!! I absolutely love working on new themes! I accept all custom orders. If you don’t see something you'd like to order already in my shop, click the new theme tab to be directed to design a custom theme.

  • How do new theme orders work?

    New theme orders are simple. Click on the new theme tab. find the item you’d like to order, and simply fill out the detailed portion pertaining to the product you're ordering. Name, Age, Theme, Characters, Colors, etc. will need to be included to help me provide you with the most amazing design.

  • Do I accept rush orders?

    Yes. Rush orders are taken at my descretion, please click the contact me tab to check my availability before you order. Depending on your need by date, size of your order, and custom work that goes into your rush order, your design will be charged a rush premium fee accordingly. Please contact me if you feel you may need your order rushed to discuss your rush order.

  • When will my order ship?

    Your order will ship 1-2 weeks prior to your need by date. Need by dates are required for every order. If you need your order to arrive sooner than your event date, simply put a need by date that works for you.

  • What is my turnaround time?

    My turnaround time for custom themes is 3-4 weeks. My turnaround time for items already in my shop is 2 weeks. If your order is cancelled shortly after being placed, that means, I cannot accept your order due to time constraints in my shop.

  • Do I accept cancellations of orders?

    Cancellations are allowed only 24 hrs. after purchase. After the 24 hrs. has passed, you will no longer be allowed to cancel, make changes to your order, or be given a refund.

  • Do I accept returns?

    No. Return or exchanges are not accepted due to the personalization of each item. If you have issues with your order after you've received it, please contact me.